1. New Secondary Market Release

    Secondary Market




  2. Platinum Journey Season 2


    Lion Dance



    Holiday Bazaar



    The Jewel of the Nile

  3. Meteor: The Roaring 20's Remix Collection

  4. Superstar Season 1

  5. Platinum Journey

    Para Para Sakura


    Les Mille et une nuits


    Norwegian Wood

  6. Studio Collection

    Beach Groove Mizi

    Beach Groove Annamay

    Beach Groove Adonis

  7. New Mizi

    Brides of Dracula III Lycan Dressed Doll Giftset

    Replacement Bodies

  8. New Mizi


    Brides of Dracula Replacement Bodies


    Platinum Journey Ready To Go


    So Cool & Hot

  9. Dolly-Days Day 5 Dealer Dolls

    We are sorry to say our Dealer Allotment of Dolls is Sold Out.


    tem # 73029
    Sparkling New Year
    Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll

    Item # 73030
    Festive Lights
    Constance Madssen® Dressed Doll

    Item # 73031
    Merry & Bright
    Della Roux™ Dressed Doll

    Item # 77199
    Enlightened in India
    Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

    Item # 77200
    Outback Walkabout
    Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

  10. Tales of the World: Brides of Dracula




  11. Black Friday Week Sale


    Nivana Dominique

    Feelin' Extra Jade

    Dressed to Chill Tenzin Dahkling

    Fresh Wear Declan Wake

    Breaking Dawn Amirah

    Edge of Night Amirah

    Queen Sylvanas Brown

    Queen Sylvanas Platinum

    Princess Lily

    Mermaid Aquamarine

  12. Mizi Beach Fun

    Beach Fun Mizi


    Beach Fun Luciana


    Beach Fun Fatima


    Beach Fun Mizi Dealer Exclusive


    Beach Fun Luciana Dealer Exclusive


    Beach Fun Fatima Dealer Exclusive

  13. Expected this week, the Monarch Boys!

    Desert Winds Tajinder is sold out

    Very limited quantity of Cool Breeze Dalpinder still available!


  14. Susie x Mizi

    Susie x Mizi

  15. Fall 2020 Micro-Capsule Collection


    We are currently sold-out of all dolls in the Micro-Capsule Collection.

  16. Mizi Charming Night


    Night of the Muse Evening dress doll

  17. Mizi Neon Jungle

    Lost in Tokyo

    Moonshine Jungle

    Daddy Daddy

  18. Mizi Charming Night


    Green Moon


  19. Mizi Hormones Fashion Packs


    Sea Blue


    Grass Green

    All 3

  20. Model Traveler Collection Sold Out

  21. Mizi Tale of the World: Mermaid

    Mermaid Morganite

    Mermaid Aquamarine

  22. Mizi Hormones Collection


    Hormones NO:01

    Hormones NO:02

    Hormones NO:03

    Hormones Fashion Pack

  23. Mizi 2020 Collection

    Love is Blue

    City of Romance

    The Rose's Kiss

  24. Mizi: Palm Garden Hotel

    New Velvent Skin Body Collection



    It's tea time

    Mystic woman

    Bonjour Kate

  25. Integrity: Mission Brazil Capsule Collection

    Man of Mystery Sergio Silva

    Ipanema Intrigue

    Rendez-Vous in Rio

  26. Royally Ever After: The Witch Pre-order

    The second of three in the line. Limited to 150 worldwide.

  27. The Awakening Annik Doll is Arriving 

    Order now

  28. Mizi Royally Ever After

    Available for pre-order now!

    Pre-order now

  29. East 59th Capsule Collection

    Available for pre-order now!

    Victoire Roux


    Lady Aurelia Grey


    All Aboard On The 2nd Evelyn Weaverton Mix & Match Gift Set

  30. Fashion Royalty Monarchs Collection

    Dressed to Chill

    Jean Therapy

    Fresh Wear

    Checks and Balances


  31. New Mizi Wild Pink


    Wild Pink LE 180 Worldwide

  32. New Mizi Sparkle Silver and Blue


    Sparkle Silver LE 140 Worldwide

    Sparkle Blue LE 140 Worldwide


  33. Lady Aurelia Grey

    Available for Pre-ordering!

  34. New Mizi Pretty Woman The First Anniversary

    Pretty Woman LE 150 worldwide

  35. New Mizi Perfume Girls and Timeless Classic Fashions



    Lavender LE 50 worldwide SOLD OUT

    Rose LE 150 worldwide

    Tangerine Fatima LE 150 worldwide SOLD OUT



    Fashion "Tokyo" LE 150 worldwide



    Fashion "Paris" LE 150 worldwide

  36. Integrity 2018 Collections


    Available for Pre-ordering!

  37. NEW Mizi Timeless Classic Series

    Sabrina Dressed Mizi Doll  LE 300 worldwide

    Rapunzel in Cocktail Party Dressed Mizi Doll   LE 200 worldwide

  38. Mizi

    by Jason&Dimon

    PREMIERE Collection

    Mizi by Jason&Dimon are 1/6 scale dolls that can wear FR and Barbie fashions. The dolls are made of environmentally-friendly plastics and have a superficial frosted feel.

    Extremely limited production runs! (100 and 200 worldwide) 

  39. Poppy Parker 2018

  40. Fashion Royalty "Boudoir" Capsule Collection

    by Integrity Toys! Designed by Jessy Ayala.

    Announced March 29th, 2017 and sold out within hours.

    Our wait list is closed for this collection.


    Dolls, Fashions & Accessories

    (inventory changes so check back regularly)

  42. Dressmaker Details Couture

    Loads of little treasures found!

    Shoes! Gloves! Buttons! And more!

    Great for Convention Gifts!!



  44. Don’t forget to check out our Vintage Barbie section!

  45. Past issued dolls, fashions and accessories

    from Mattel and other companies!

  46. Congratulations Jason!

    First Lady in Red: Michelle Obama Repeats Jason Wu for Inaugural Ball

  47. A Sad Farewell to Barbie

    Mattel Canada has been bringing in fewer of the Collector Barbie dolls. For the past three years we have been sourcing the dolls from the US but unfortunately, this is no longer an option for us.

    Therefore, moving forward, we will no longer be carrying the new editions of Collector Barbie.

    This is a sad decision, but a definite sign of the times as to how Mattel is managing the Collector business.

    We will continue to carry secondary market & vintage Barbie. And of course, FASHION ROYALTY!! In fact, we are excited about having more time to work with Integrity Toys.

    January 2012

  48. The Perfect Present
    Available in US or Canadian Funds



    MFD Hours

    Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

    Mail-order only, sorry no showroom.